Mẫu móc chú vịt(2)

Định dạng bài viết: Tiêu chuẩn


Ch: chain
Sc:single crochet US (double crochet UK)
Inc: increase, two stitchesin one stitch
Inc+: increase, three stitchesin one stitch
Inv.dec: invisible decrease
Dec+: use invisible decrease through 3  stitches(or 3sctog)

Materials used:
8 ply cotton yarn (pastel yellow,orange, pink)
bits and pieces of left over yarn fordetails(bows, neacklace….)
2 mm crochet hook
4 mm round black beadsfor the eyes needlesforsewing up the eyes and  body parts fiberfillstuffing

Yellow yarn
R1: sc4, 3sc in one st, (continue around the chain),sc3, inc. (12 sts)
R2: inc.,sc3, *inc* x3,sc3, *inc* x2 (18 sts)
R3:sc1, inc.1,sc4, *inc.1,sc1* x2, inc.1,sc4, inc1,sc1, inc.1 (24 sts)
R4:sc2, inc1,sc5, *inc1,sc2* x2, inc1,sc5, inc1,sc2, inc1 (30 sts)
R5:sc3, inc1,sc6, *inc1,sc3* x2 inc1,sc6, inc1,sc3, inc1 (36 sts)
R6:sc4, inc1,sc7, *inc1,sc4* x2 inc1,sc7, inc1,sc4, inc1 (42 sts)
R7:sc5, inc1,sc8, *inc1,sc5* x2 inc1,sc8, inc1,sc5, inc1 (48 sts)
R8:sc6, inc1,sc9, *inc1,sc6* x2 inc1,sc9, inc1,sc6, inc1 (54 sts)
R9-R18:sc54 sts
If you are using safety eyes, place them in between the rows 15 and 16, leaving 7 stitchesin between them)
R19: *inv.dec1.,sc7* x6 (48 sts)
R20:sc48 sts
R21: *inv.dec.1,sc4* x8 (40 sts)
R22: *inv.dec.1,sc2* x10 (30 sts)
R23: *inv.dec.1,sc1* x10 (20 sts)
R24: *inv.dec1,sc8* x2 (18 sts)
Tie off. Stuff the head nice and firm

Yellow yarn
R1:sc6 in magic ring
R2: inc1 x6 (12 sts)
R3: *inc1,sc1* x6 (18 sts)
R4: *inc1,sc2* x6 (24 sts)
R5: *inc1,sc3* x6 (30 sts)
R6: *inc1,sc4* x6 (36 sts)

R7: *inc1,sc5* x6 (42 sts)

R8: *inc1,sc6* x6 (48 sts)
R9-R13:sc48 sts
R14: *inv.dec.1,sc4* x8 (40 sts)
R15:sc40 sts
R16: *inv.dec1,sc2* x10 (30 sts)
R17:sc30 sts
R18: *inv.dec.1,sc1* x10 (20 sts)
R19:sc20 sts
R20: *inv.dec1,sc8* x2 (18 sts)
R21:sc18 sts
Tie off and leave long end forsewing the body and the head together. Stuffthe body nice and firm.

Orange yarn
R1: Sc7, inc+, (continue around the chain),sc6, inc1 (18 sts)
R2-3:sc18 sts
Tie of and leave long end forsewing the bark to the head later.
The bark will be placed between rows 15-20. Place it nice, pin it well and sew it nicely al around.
Yellow yarn
Tail is done with two little partsjoined together and continued to be crocheted as one piece.
First make little piece
R1:sc5 in magic ring
R2: inc x5 (10 sts)
R3-R4:sc10 sts
Tie off.
Next piece:
R1:sc5 in magic ring
R2: in. x5 (10 sts)
R3-R6:sc10 sts
Now take the first piece made,slip stitch to any stitch to connect these two pieces together and continue stitching al around both pieces until you make 20 stitches.
That was ourR1 at joined tail(20sts)
R2: *inv.dec.1,sc8* x2 (18sts)
R3: *inv.dec1,sc7* x2 (16 sts)
R4: *inv.dec1,sc6* x2 (14 sts)
R5: *inv.dec.1,sc5* x2 (12 sts)
R6: *inv.dec.1,sc4* x2 (10 sts)
Cut offleaving long end forsewing the tails end and sewing the tail on the body.

Yellow yarn
R1:sc6 in magic ring (6sts)
R2: inc1 x6 (12 sts)
R3-R4:sc12 sts
R5: *inc.1,sc1* x6 (18 sts)
R6-R7:sc18 sts
R8: *inc1.,sc2* x6 (24 sts)
R9-R10:sc24 sts
R11: *inc1,sc3* x6 (30 sts)
R12-R13:sc30 sts
R14: *inv.dec.1,sc1* x10 (20 sts)
R15-R16:sc20 sts
R17: *inv.de1* x10 (10 sts)
R18-R19:sc10 sts
Flatten the wing and stitch across both sides with single crochet. Tie off and leave long end forsewing the wingsto the body later.

Orange yarn
R1:sc6 in magic ring
R2: *Inc+,sc1* x3 (12 sts) don’t forget!In legs every increase is 3sc in one st. in order to reach triangle shape)
R3:sc1, *inc+,sc3* x2, inc+,sc2 (18 sts)
R4:sc2, *inc+,sc5* x2, inc+,sc3 (24 sts)
R5:sc3, *inc+,sc7* x2, inc+,sc4 (30 sts)
R6:sc4, *inc+,sc9* x2, inc+,sc5 (36 sts)
R7:sc36 sts
R8:sc4, inv.dec+,sc9, inv.dec+,sc17 (32 sts)
R9:sc3, inv.dec+,sc7, inv.dec+,sc16 (28 sts)
R10:sc2, inv.dec+,sc5, inv.dec+,sc15 (24 sts)
R11:sc1, inv.dec+,sc3, inv.dec+,sc14 (20 sts)
R12: inv.dec+,sc1, inv.dec+,sc13 (16 sts)
R13: inv.dec.+,sc12 (14 sts)
R14-R16:sc14 sts
Tie off and leave long end forsewing. Stuffthe legslightly.Just enough to form the nice shape. Close and sew the end nicely so can be attached to the body later.

Now time to attach the partstogether.
Sew body and the head nicely through the 18 stitches you have on both sides. That should give you nice and tidy connection. Putsome more stuffing if needed so they  stick together nicely and firmly.
Wings place on the sides of the body. Place them evenly, pin them and sew them.
Legs are placed in between rows 4-5 (looking from the bottom side ofthe body). Center them leaving 2 stitchesin between and see them nicely.
Tail is placed centered on the back side of the body between the rows 6-7.
If you didn’t use safety eyes,sew them on on between rows 15-16, leaving 7 stitches between them.
Place the bark between the eyesin between the rows 15-20. Pin it and sew it all around nicely

(sưu tầm)

(nguồn: http://amigurumibb.files.wordpress.com)


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  1. This is AmigurumiBB’s pattern, not yours. By copying the pattern and posting it on your blog, you are violating copyright, not to mention being disrespectful to the original designer by stealing her work and passing it off as your own. Please take down this post immediately.

      • If I understand correctly, you can link to the source but not repost the entire pattern unless you have the explicit permission of the original designer. I’d suggest you contact the designer and find out if she’s okay with this repost.

        As for the Tuxedo Sam and the Easter bunny patterns you have reposted from Amigurumei’s blog, her blog clearly states you cannot repost her patterns. Doing so amounts to copyright violation.

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